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Coronavirus – Safety Measures

Express pest control is offering  disinfecting and sanitizing services for residential as well as commercial spaces. 

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Consistency and Dedication During Lockdown Across the Country

In the light of a global medical emergency declared by the World Health Organization, Express pest control team is  dedicated to provide the precautionary measures to avoid the pandemic as much as possible. No matter how remote the area is, we will ensure the disinfection process at the earliest possible time.

Express pest control highly recommends to follow these guidelines during Coronavirus Pandemic as advised by WHO :

  1. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with slightly hot water in a way that every finger gets washed thoroughly.
  2. Adopt frequent and detailed cleaning procedures much more than normal.
  3. Areas where human touch is much more frequent like Lifts, door handles desks, stairs railings and washrooms, should be disinfected regularly.
  4. If you have travelled history in the past 4 months, quarantine yourself away from the public.
  5. Practice physical distance by keeping adequate distance of 2m and avoid physical contact like hand shakes, hugging as much as possible. Take benefit of digital applications to meet the necessary social needs.
  6. Implement high cleaning protocols in high traffic as well as high contact areas.
  7. Practice vehicle cleaning protocols.
  8. Promote preventive attitude in your family and friends regularly.
  9. It’s time to get more engaged with customers about their health concerns more than ever. Keep in touch with them.
  10. Practice self isolation guidelines by cancelling public events and avoiding going to public places. 


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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