House Mice Control Services: Keep Your Home Safe

Finding a mouse in your house is not just a surprise but also a reason to worry. This condition affects all homeowners and landlords who deal with rental premises. House mice infestation causes significant damage to property and poses health risks. In this regard, measures should be taken urgently and efficiently. Our company deals with pests; we have professional staff members who can help control house mice easily.

What are House Mice?

House mice are small rodents that can be identified by their pointed snouts, large round ears, and long tails with scales on them. They can adapt to various environments as they are highly versatile creatures capable of surviving anywhere. It is common for them to make nests in dark corners like attics or basements of residential buildings. Most house mice are active at night and tend to remain unnoticed until they become numerous within the area occupied by humans. They will gnaw at structures leading to structural damage; besides, these animals may carry infections causing potential harm to people around them.

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Most Common Type of Mouse Found in Canada

The house mouse is the most common type of rodent pest in Canada. They are usually gray or brown but can be other colors as well. They only live about a year, but can multiply rapidly resulting in big infestations if not treated promptly.


The house mouse is the most common animal infesting human dwellings; it also thrives in agricultural areas around barns and grain fields. It is a small, slender animal, weighing less than 30 g (1 oz.), with a pointed nose, relatively large ears and a nearly hairless tail. Although they prefer grains and seeds, mice will nibble on almost anything. Females produce 7 or more litters per year, with 5-7 pups per litter. They make their nests in hidden, enclosed spaces, using shredded paper, insulation, string or other soft materials. Their droppings are dark brown pellets, about 6 mm long (1/4 inch), left wherever mice have traveled. Contact for MICE INFESTATION, Affordable House Mice Control, Rodent Removal Service in Vancouver

Signs That You Have House Mice

Early detection of a house mouse infestation may reduce potential damages and health hazards. Here are some of the signs to watch out for:

Droppings: Mice droppings are typically the first indication that an area has been invaded by these pests; they are small (about 3-6mm long) and are often found in places where food is kept.

Noises: Squeaking, scratching or rustling noises might be heard from time to time especially at night when mice tend to be most active.

Nests:  Houses constructed using soft materials like shredded papers or fabrics can be seen as nests made by rats; these are usually discovered in hidden areas.

Gnaw Marks: Wooden and plastic materials easily get eaten away by mice due to their strong teeth; for instance, small bites might be observed within your house.

Tracks/Footprints: Footprints could be noticed in dusty spots or on soft grounds.

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Health Risks Associated with House Mice

House mice are generally a severe health risk. Additionally, they can contaminate the food and water supplies and carry diseases such as Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and Leptospirosis. Droppings and hair from these animals can cause asthma attacks or allergies mainly affecting kids. In case of an infestation, one should act swiftly because these risks are real.

Preventing House Mice

Prevention is better than cure at all times. The following are some of the actions that you can take to make your house less attractive to these unwelcome guests:

Seal Entry Points: Look out for cracks, holes or openings in your building through which mice may gain access and seal them off.

Cleanliness: Keep your house clean regularly with special attention to kitchen and dining areas; do not leave any food out overnight.

Proper Storage: Ensure that the food is kept in containers with air tight seals, while your garbage cans should remain sealed as well.

Less Clutter: Avoid keeping lots of unnecessary stuff around since the rodents like hiding in cluttered places both inside and outside your living area.

When to Call a Professional Pest Control Service

If you have taken preventative measures and tried DIY methods but are still seeing signs of an infestation – it might be time to call in the professionals. A professional pest control service like Express Pest Control can effectively tackle the problem – providing a thorough inspection targeted treatments and advice for preventing future infestations. Professional services offer several benefits:

  • Accurate identification and assessment of the infestation
  • Use of safe and effective treatment methods
  • Ongoing monitoring and prevention advice


Dealing with house mice can be stressful. It is crucial to take prompt action to protect your home and health. When it comes to pest control professional help is often the most effective solution. With their expertise and tools – they can handle infestations of any size – ensuring you can enjoy a pest free home. Whether you are a homeowner property manager or renter – don’t underestimate the importance of professional assistance in tackling house mice infestations.