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Express pest control offers a cost-effective, environmental friendly pest control services in lower mainland for residential, industrial and commercial clients. The service technicians are professional, courteous, friendly, well trained and are duly licensed from ministry of environment. The clients are most important and we take a personal interest in the problems they face. Not only we provide service you need but we ensure personal advice, care and consultation.

Environmental and health protection is our main focus when eliminating pests. Our carefully selected range of products along with our application methods are designed to cause no adverse health effects particularly in sensitive situations when dealing with children, pets and certain health conditions such as asthma.

We consider this personal commitment our most important asset as a company. You can expect to see a friendly face when we visit. Our representatives live in the communities they serve. They are involved in community activities, support programs of service and are concerned about the quality of life where you live.

Our staff stands behind our mission statement; it guides their job performance just as it guides company policy. They personally ensure our clients of their best service, just as our company provides them with the best technology.

Our Company Express pest control is a family-owned and operated business that has been aimed to serve the lower mainland for many years to come, and will be here when you need us.

  • Our Customers come first
  • We provide prompt service
  • Guaranteed work
  • Approved pesticides those are environment friendly
  • Our treatments have proven successful

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