European Starlings Control Services

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European Starlings are medium-sized birds that are native to Europe but are now common throughout North America (Sturnus vulgaris). These birds have shiny black feathers with many iridescent dots that shine different colors like purple green and blue making their plumage unique. The feathering also shows yellow markings during the breeding season which adds a bit of liveliness.

They measure approximately 7.5 to 9.5 inches long and they possess short curved bills which enables them to get various types of foods through extraction. Their wingspan measures between 12 and 17 inches while on the wing they exhibit rapid and nimble movements often forming large flocks of birds that produce fantastic aerial displays together.

European Starlings Services

Habitat and Habits of Starlings

Starlings are very adaptable birds that live in various places. These can be found in cities, suburban areas, agricultural fields, woodlands and also near water bodies. They have versatile feeding habits that comprise of fruits, seeds, insects as well as small vertebrates. It enables them to take advantage of different foods as they become available. 

These starlings are quite sociable by nature and are known to form large roosts with thousands of individuals. They are also known to be vocal and produce a variety of sounds including songs which most times sound melodious and imitations other birds. The problem with these birds is that they make irritating noises that can be an issue in residential areas.

Starling Damage

While European starlings might appear harmless, they actually pose significant threats towards the environment and structures. In agricultural environments, for instance, they cause massive losses due to damage caused by their crops-lowering volumes resulting into high economic losses. Other than an agricultural nuisance, building destruction is also linked to starlings through making nests in vents, chimneys among other openings inside buildings.

Their highly acidic excrements can corrode structures and endanger human health. As well, they compete with native bird species for food resources, nesting sites and territorial claims. Population imbalances of such indigenous birds due to this competition are a direct result of disturbances in the ecosystems within the locality.

European Starling’s Prevention Tips

With European Starlings’ potential problems in mind, it is essential that we look into ways of preventing and controlling them to reduce their impact. Here are some strategies that work:

1. Nest Removal

Regularly examine vents, chimneys, and other places where starlings may be building nests. When there are no suitable areas for nesting you can discourage these birds from inhabiting your property thus avoiding destruction which may occur.

2. Bird Deterrents

Starlings can be discouraged from roosting or nesting around you by using visual and audio bird deterrents. Examples of such devices include mirrors, scarecrows and sound-producing tools that resemble starling predators or their disturbed calls.

3. Exclusion 

European starling control can be achieved by exclusion. This may include such measures as changing the ledge angle to 45 degrees and putting plastic netting on parts of the building to deny starlings access to roosting sites.

4. Sanitation

Sanitation is crucial in order to reduce feeding sites and temporary water sources. Homeowners should ensure that their gutters are cleaned regularly so as to avoid stagnant water and garbage kept in closed bins.

 5. Sound Devices 

Another mode of controlling European starlings is through sound devices such as noisemakers and distress calls, which can make them go away before they establish territory. 

6. Habitat Modification 

To deter starlings from your property eliminate potential food sources. To discourage those birds, get rid of fallen fruits, keep dustbins tightly closed and do not leave pet food outside.

 7. Professional Pest Control Services

 If you are overwhelmed by European Starlings presence, do not hesitate to seek professional pest control services. The infestation’s magnitude can be assessed by trained personnel like Express Pest Control who will also implement the appropriate management measures.

The Best European Starlings Control Services Are Provided By Express Pest Control

We understand at the Express Pest Control how irritating the European Starlings can be so we have a team of professionals that is dedicated to finding efficient and humane solutions for dealing with their presence. These are some of our services;

Inspection and assessment: We come into your property to assess the level of infestation and identify openings.

Targeted Treatments: For this reason, we use environmentally friendly methods in order to effectively control starlings without killing them or other animals that are not target species. 

Exclusion techniques: Sealing off potential entry areas helps us avert future invasions.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance: Our team will follow up on our previous visits to confirm that our treatment was effective and handle any concerns raised or issues faced.

Don’t let European Starlings take over your property. Contact us today at Express Pest Control for fast, humane, and long lasting solutions. Our team is prepared to help you get rid of European Starlings in Port Moody, Langley, Surrey, Delta and all Vancouver BC areas. So if you have an infestation problem with European starling do not hesitate to call us at 604-499-6530. We’re here to help you every step of the way.