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norway-rat control, rat removal, mice infestation, roof rat control, Affordable Mice Control, Mice Extermination & Removal service, Roof Rat exterminator, Deer Mice control, Norway Rat control.Express Pest Control is reliable pest control company for Rat Control, Mice infestation, Rodents removal, Professional Rat control service and solution to all Rat problems in Vancouver BC. Affordable Mice Control Mice Extermination & Removal service, Roof Rat,  Norway Rat control. A Norway rat weighs up to 0.5 kg. (about 1 lb.) and has a blunt nose and ears that are relatively small for the size of its head. Its tail is shorter than the length of its body plus head. The females have up to 7 litters per year of 8-12 pups per litter. The black rat is slimmer than the Norway rat, with larger ears and a tail longer than its body and head put together. Black rats (also called roof rats) nest in ceilings and attics; Norway rats prefer moist conditions and generally live at ground level, in crawl spaces and burrows around building perimeters. They are both excellent climbers and can climb up inside or outside of pipes; black rats cacouver Bn even climb up wires. Although usually only one species seems to infest a building at a time, either species can be found in buildings in B.C. Rat droppings are dark, oval pellets, 15-20 mm (1/2 to 3/4 inch) long.

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